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The Spanish Medical and Surgical Laser Society (Sociedad Española de Láser Médico-Quirúrgico), widely known as SELMQ, was founded in Madrid in 1989. The Society emerged from the union of the formers Grupo Láser España, Centro de Documentación Láser and Sociedad Española de Laserterapia. The SELMQ is a scientific association mainly established to promote the study and correct use of light sources and laser in the medical and surgical treatment of human disease. The following topics are covered: electromagnetic radiations, laser biophysics and bioengineering, applied photobiology, laser and phototherapy in biomodulation, surgical high power lasers, and diagnostic and therapeutic use of light and laser technologies in all of the medical and surgical specialties. The aim of the Society is the multidisciplinary collaboration of scientists and physicians who study and apply light sources and laser procedures in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology, dermatology, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, aesthetic surgery, general and digestive surgery, ophthalmology, dentistry, gynecology, urology, proctology, otolaryngology, oncology, and others.

The goal of SELMQ is to advance the lifelong learning and professional interests of their numerary members to ensure that the patient can obtain the best possible results in each treatment. The Boletín de la SELMQ is the Official Journal of the Society. The annual Congress is the outstanding event of the Society. The SELMQ support of the participation of its members (university level) in European and American meetings, organized by other similar scientific associations, looking to standardize new procedures and common collaboration to promote research and clinical practice, as well as to stablish the legal norms involved in this field in our country within the European context. The SELMQ is a member of the European Laser Association (ELA).